About us

What I had in mind:

YEAH (an emotional roar from the inside)
I want a tattoo, it will be a wolf, but where should I have it done?
Will they make me one I’d want to have on me till the end of the fcking world?
No, but that would cost me my arm or leg.

A month later…. I am still lost AF

Where, What, When, all in one, InkSearch is a fast and simple solution maker for us, the Tattoo Freaks who bind their time rethinking ideas for new tattoos, looking for best tattooers, and roaming the local and global village to tell the world who they truly are via their tattoos filled skin.


Our solution is fully inspired by the sheer time we’ve wasted on social media, while browsing photos and emails, and making calls to those we finally found through loads of research. Be our guest! Welcome to InkSearch - meant to be the greatest kingdom of the tattoo universe. Find the Artists we love, tattoos we crave, and people who think and feel the way you do.


-Jess C. Scott

The earth without “art” would be just “eh”. What then would be humans without artists?

Tattoo Artists create sculptures, paintings and personal stories on the human body. They are the best in their craft. But the global world environment is cruel with its unstoppable and fast pace. Artists today cannot devote their entire time to developing their artistic potential. In order to remain competitive, they need to master their marketing skills, dealing with things like internet positioning, booking, and advertisement..

if, so far, this creative essay misses an eligible aspect for you - we roger that. Let’s go through some logical, straight forward bullet points for artists and people who want to have some art on them :)

If you are an Artist:

  • we’re your endless source of new customers from here, and there, and everywhere! We are global!
  • your private online assistant (tell us your problems, and let us do all the soothing necessary)
  • we’re the friend who’ll help you find a guest spot in top notch european studios
  • and nice scheme of requests - no more essays about ex boyfriends, grandmas or someone’s late cat - just the meat
  • A cherry on top? How about a Milano stylist helping with your image?

If you are a Tattoo Craving Human: :

  • Forget about pages and pages of various miserables: “best tattoo” “where to do” “what is the meaning of life”
  • No more emotional emails to Artists left without an answer
  • More great Artists than you can find in your browser
  • First customer to customer recommendations worth a read (before ordering a tattoo)
  • Instant bookings? Yes yes, no need to wait long for your dreams to happen

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