Ornamental Tattoo Style (Polynesian)

The body pattern reminiscent of wood carving is the Ornamental style. Often it is not just a picture that conveys a certain mood or message. Behind this type of tattoo is made to hide the meaning. The patterns are laid character traits, protective functions, life parting words and much more. Tattoo in the style of ornamental can be not just a fashionable body decoration, and your personal totem.

Ornamental refers to the Polynesian style — Pacific direction of painting on the body. It came from the exotic Islands of this water area, where for centuries it performed not so much a decorative, as a ritual and informational function. Drawings were made by the priest, and in large quantities they could afford only people of high social status. In Polynesian tattoos laid the kind of human activity, his position in society, native tribe and other information that was hidden behind the body patterns. The first tattoo of the Islander was usually made, marking the transition from childhood to adulthood. The drawing was applied during a complex ceremony. Although today tattooing in Polynesian style is accompanied by some difficulties. Usually it is multi-element ornaments, so that one session in the tattoo parlor is rare. Master waiting for hard work, and the customer — a spectacular result.

A feature of the style as an ornamental — a clear line. Just as for the Polynesian direction as a whole, it is important that every detail of the pattern is symmetrical. In the figure, in a large number of often there are braids, waves, spirals, crosses and knots and various geometric elements. Images of the sun and moon, marine and floral themes can be used. We can assume that all kinds of fish and ferns — "Hello" from the distant Pacific Islands, where this culture was first born body painting.

There are a great variety of styles, but the most notable areas are three.

In the framework of the ornament can meet the finest miniature lines created with jewelry precision. This is the line-work direction.
Black-work involves getting your tribalistic patterns, thick and large forms.
And there's dot-work. This variation of style is represented by bitmaps. Usually the master resorts to it when you need to Express thoughts or dreams through a tattoo.
Recall that as an ornamental - a complex tattoo. Therefore, within the framework of one picture it is easy to combine different styles. So it is not surprising to fill the body pattern, combining the recognizable features of the line-thief, dot-thief and black-thief at the same time. It is believed that the first two are particularly well combined.

Tattoo in ornamental style, tattoo ornamental

Tattoos in this style are good because they are appropriate for different parts of the body. Bizarre elements can be decorated and ankle, and neck, and shoulder, and thigh. Clients-maximalists sometimes choose an ornament in the back, and this decision also looks very impressive.

Ormanetal tattoo is also called polynesian as its refer to indian culture from past centuries.

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