Tattoos in the Traditional Style

Traditional tattoos became popular during the 1700s when Captain James Cook and his fellow sailors encountered local communities. Inspired by the inks they saw, many tattood their own body as a reminder of their exotic voyages. In the 1900s, Sailor Jerry popularized outlined and colourful tattoos. He ran his own tattoo shop in Hawaii. Jerry passed away in 1973; by that time he was known as one of the greatest tattoo artists in history. Traditional tattoos often feature hearts, mermaids, sparrows, anchors, daggers, roses, knives, swallows, flags, and Native American motifs. To identify a traditional tattoo look for a bold black or blue outline and vibrant colours: yellow, green, blue, red, black and purple. Discover traditional design ideas that hail centuries back! Explore top artists making some of the best traditional tattoos, and get a bunch of cool tattoo inspiration.

„Working Class” tattoo featuring a skull with a golden tooth, wearing a cap and smoking a cigarette in the traditional style

Warsaw, Poland
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Paweł Reduch
Warsaw, Poland
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Jacob Jason
Vienna, Austria
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Followed by: 1 person


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