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Wrocław, Poland

About me

Anna Szejdewik Coxie (1982) - malarka, muralistka, ilustratorka. Wywodzi się z zielonogórskiego środowiska street art`u, obecnie mieszka i pracuje we Wrocławiu. To co artystkę interesuje najbardziej to mrok, a w zasadzie romans z mrokiem.


Anna Szejdewik Coxie (1982) - painter, muralist, illustrator. She comes from the Zielona Góra street art environment, currently she lives and works in Wrocław. What interests the artist the most is darkness, and basically romance with darkness.

Booking rules

FAQ Kos Tattoo:
- Ways to find inspiration
The most important is your own, unique idea. Search for some designs that you like on the internet or in catalogues; you can also describe them or just draw. Then show us all of the collected materials. Basing on them, our artist will prepare a unique, personalized tattoo project just for you. Remember: we don’t copy other artists work!

- Do I need to be 18 years old?
Our tattoo shop performs all treatments only for adults. An underage person may use our services in the presence of legal guardians.

- How to prepare for a tattoo session?
You need to be refreshed and after meal. The day before the session it’s recommended to avoid alcohol, and two weeks in advance to give up tanning, both in natural sun and solarium.

- How to take care of a fresh tattoo?
First of all, we recommend not to follow the tips found on the web. In our studio we protect the fresh tattoo with a special patch which needs to be removed after 12 hours. In case of any leakage of plasma it is advised to use a plastic wrap throughout the following day (replacing it every 4 hours – before putting on a new piece of wrap, please make sure that your tattoo is properly washed with soap and warm water and exposed on fresh air for 30-60 minutes).
Within one week the tattoo must be washed and covered with a special tattoo cream 3-4 times per day. Remember – hygiene is crucial!

-Do you make cover-ups?
Yes, but every project requires an individual consultation. It might be necessary to use laser to light up the old image. However, sometimes making a cover-up is not possible.

- How much does a tattoo cost?
The price depends on its size and complexity of the design. To calculate the price we need to know the motif, size and placement. Minimum price is 200 zl.

- When will I see my project?
We will show you the project on the day of the session to prepare final improvements.

- Is downpayment necessary?
Yes, please make a downpayment of 200 PLN.

Styles of tattoo

Available slots

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