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InkSearch.co is a marketplace for tattoo studios, artists, and ink lovers.
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We operate on a large scale at InkSearch.co, therefore our online tattoo booking platform provides for booking sessions not only in Poland, but also in other major European cities. We want to give you access to Artists and Tattoo Studios also in your places - maybe - holiday rest. Is there a better souvenir, for example from London, like a tattoo at the best London tattoo artist?
The InkSearch search engine has been designed to quickly and easily find a tattoo artist in the city you are interested in. Just in the field " Choose city "enter selected capital and then click search, after a while you will see a list of tattoos and tattooists. In addition, if you plan a short stay in Amsterdam, Berlin, Milan, London, Prague or Bratislava in a given period our search engine will tell you which Polish tattoo artists in a given capital. Check our options and make an appointment!

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When deciding on a tattoo, you must remember one very important principle: the tattoo style you choose must define your personality and what you have deep in your heart. The tattoo is a symbol of who you were who you want to be or who you are NOW. That is why it is so important to determine the style of the tattoo and the choice of the artist specializing in it, which will cause that on your body - forever - a real work of art will appear.
Regardless of whether it is the first time you come into contact with tattoos, or is it your next pot, we have created and improved the search engine , which will greatly facilitate the search for your dream tattoo style. Just in the "Find a tattoo style" > enter a short password, e.g. traditional tattoo and click the search button to be able to browse selected tattoos or Portfolios of Artists after a while. After registering your user account, there are even more options waiting for you , including down giving specific tattoos to your favorites, so you'll always be able to come back to them at any time.


Guest spots, free projects, new artists, tattoo conventions where you can meet us and hit high five - all in one place. All you have to do is sign up for our Newsletter and we'll take care of the rest. We promise: zero spam , just the specifics!