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BOOKING is a platform that allows you to book tattoo sessions online with the best artists in the country and abroad. With us you can find tattooists in your city. You can check the artists' portfolios. You can contact them quickly, book a date and make a down payment without any risk.

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Whether it's your first or next tattoo, makes sure you are under the needle of the right artist. Book your tattoo online and join our #tattoolovers community.

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Like any art form, a tattoo comes in many different styles. Thinking about our users, we have collected 17 tattoo styles, and we have also adapted artists to them. Thanks to this solution, you save time and research, because we do it for you!

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Choose from +1,000 artists on our platform. Browse the portfolio, learn more about tattoo artists, save works in your favorites, make contact and arrange a session. Our database includes artists from Europe and rest of the world.

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The whole process - from the idea to the session in the tattoo parlor - is carried out on one platform. From the user panel, you can contact artists, confirm or cancel reservations, and make payments. INKsearch team watches over every stage and is always ready to help.


Searching for a dream tattoo, especially for people who come into contact with this form of art for the first time, is not the easiest one. That is why we decided to create a solution that will make the task as easy as possible, leaving you with only the best part - the joy of having a tattoo.

All you have to do is start your search by entering key words, such as a city or an idea. For the more decisive, we have narrowed the category down to studio, artist or tattoos. Thus, by entering the city of WARSAW and the entry ROSE, as well as selecting only the TATTOO category, your eyes will see tattoos with a rose motif made by artists stationed in Warsaw.

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Find your style

You no longer need to crush yourself to interview via e-mail or social networks. Having an INKsearch user account, you have a chat at your disposal, through which you can chat with artists or tattoo studios.

Booking details

By sending an inquiry to the artist, you immediately provide the necessary details. It will include a short description of the idea, photo attachments and the choice of the type of tattoo (black and gray, color). In addition, you will indicate where you want the tattoo as well as your preferred size.

Transparent calendar

After confirming the booking request, the proposed dates of tattooing appear in the user panel. The dates spread like hot cakes, so after 7 days from the lack of acceptance of one of them, the booking is lost. Remember that!

Simple payments

Using the platform is free. The only payment accepted by the system is the down payment for the tattoo session. The down payment is paid towards the agreed session and is approx. 10-30% of the total amount for the tattoo.


We know that your time is valuable, that's why we remember each visit for you! When you decide to get a tattoo through the platform, you will receive a personalized SMS reminder about the upcoming session or a message from the artist.

Friendly support

Contact us at any time. We will be happy to help you to create an account, answer your questions, and suggest an artist perfectly fitted for your needs.