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Mobile app for Rotterdam Tattoo Convention

Download Rotterdam Tattoo Convention app and make the event more fun!

INKbusiness e-commerce sale

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Tattoos on the ear

Is a tattoo on the ear a strange idea? Absolutely not! Read the latest article and find out what you need to know about it before signing up for a piercing.

INKtober 2022

Join the global drawing challenge and grow every day!

Tattoos Sticker

Tattoos that look like stickers? It's possible! Learn about the strong trend in tattoo art and see if it's something for you.

Dog Day 2022 - Get a Dog Tattoo

Dog Day is the perfect time to consider a dog-themed tattoo. Read the article and learn more about our suggestions for dog-themed tattoos!

Henna Tattoo

Henna tattoo - where did it come from, how to make it and is it a fashionable decoration of our body?

Tattooed freckles - the beauty trend of 2022

A fashionable trend in tattooing? Freckle tattooing is definitely in this category. Learn the details of the procedure and see if it's something for you!

Friendship Day 2022 - Gift Idea for a Friend/Friend.

Looking for a Friend's Day gift idea? Think of a gift for life - a tattoo!

Don't let your tattoo fade - see how to prevent tattoo fading.

Afraid that your tattoo, after a few years, will look like it's a few decades old? See how to take care of your tattoo so it doesn't fade.

"Tattoourist in London" – Check out the Best Tattoo Studios in London

Sunny and cloudless London? This is not a joke! That kind of weather accompanied our INKbusiness team who traveled to this magical city in late March in search for the best tattoo studios in London!

Rose symbolism

Rose is one of the most popular tattoos by people in our culture. Both sexes tattoo her and the artists compete over how this flower can be depicted on the client's body. While a lot of the graphics revolve around some mainstream patterns, there are also some really fancy and avant-garde tattoos with a rose symbolizing ... well, what?