Tattooed freckles - the beauty trend of 2022.

For several years now, we can notice a growing trend for having freckles. In the past, it used to be a complex of many young people; today, freckles are considered an extraordinary facial adornment. The owners of freckles, according to part of the community, are very lucky, but for those who lack them, a mass of alternatives has been created. You will find plenty of ways to make artificial freckles. From the method with regrowth spray, to crayons, shadows and more permanent ways, like henna freckles, which will stay with us for days or weeks. However, all these ways are among the short-lived ones.

So is it possible to make yourself natural-looking freckles for longer? Yes, tattoos, specifically tattooed freckles, come to our aid. 


Henna freckles

Before we get to the topic of tattooed freckles, let's stay on the subject of henna. Henna freckles are an option between painting freckles with everyday cosmetics and tattooing them. Henna freckles is a popular method of transferring pigment to the skin, which will give you the effect of artificial, but natural-looking freckles. Such freckles are made with a brush previously soaked in dye, which is then transferred to the particular areas you want to color. Remember that at the very beginning the henna has a completely different color. Once it dries, it will change its color, and you will notice the effect you dream of. Importantly, not all henna is suitable for the face - always keep your safety in mind. 

Tattooed freckles - what do you need to know?

Tattooed freckles can be included in the well-known permanent makeup. Cosmetic tattoos have gained popularity for years both in Poland and around the world. It saves time on morning preparations, but also, for many people, it is a way to deal with their complexes. Interestingly, such freckles are performed using different methods, with a razor and hand poke (the needle itself), so that the effect is as natural as possible. However, it should be remembered that permanent makeup, and in this case tattooing of freckles, are procedures that also need to be carried out in appropriate, sterile conditions with experienced people. So, when deciding on a freckle tattooing procedure, check who in your area is engaged in just such services. See the work both before and after, and check the conditions under which he works to be sure of the previously mentioned proper conditions.



What does the freckle tattooing procedure look like?

Once you've decided to get your freckles tattooed, it's a good idea to prepare for the whole procedure. At the very beginning, it's good to know what awaits you. First of all, it's worth consulting what condition your skin should be in. Don't come to the salon with a significant tan or makeup. Get a good night's sleep before the procedure and come well rested. At the very beginning, the person performing the freckle tattoo will spread the freckles over your face, so as to plan out their location. As we have already mentioned, for tattooing freckles both a razor and the needle itself are used. The skin will be slightly red and swollen after the procedure, but will quickly return to its original state. Before healing, freckles may seem dark and unnatural to you. Rest assured - over time the freckles will fade slightly and will be, just like the real thing! Sometimes this treatment needs to be repeated. You will already arrange the details with the salon of your choice.

Tattooed freckles - Where can you get freckles tattooed?

Tattooed freckles are also a form of tattooing, so more and more studios are introducing this procedure. There are also places where only permanent makeup is performed. There, too, you can find someone who will properly tattoo your freckles. Remember, however, that the person must be authorized to do so.

To find someone who performs this procedure, you can use our suggestions. First, go to and after the keyword "freckles" or "tattoo freckles" search for suggestions of tattooed freckles. You can also use the search engine by the photo itself, which has been available with us for several weeks.

Another way is to search for artists using hashtags on Social Media. This is also a good way, but can be much more time-consuming. 



Make your dream come true today!

As you can see, tattooing freckles is a popular trend that attracts even more followers every year. However, before you decide to get such a tattoo, it's worth checking how you feel about freckles. Try painting them on your face a few times, get used to looking like this and see if it's actually something for you. If it's still your huge dream, go for it! We're keeping our fingers crossed!