Henna tattoo


Do you associate henna tattoos only with those made by the sea? No wonder, because there is certainly no shortage of such posts. But...! Henna tattoos are much more than that. And today we will tell you about them! 


Henna - what is it?


About henna itself everyone has probably heard. But does everyone know what this dark "smear" really is? It's time to dispel these doubts. Henna is made from the powdered leaves and shoots of the defenseless lavonia. Thus, it is an all-natural substance. As a result, it does not contain irritating elements.

History of henna tattoos


Where did henna come from and how did it begin to be used for tattoos, among other things? To find out, we need to go back as far as 5000 years. It was then that the first henna tattoos began to be made. In fact, the method of this procedure has not changed much. It is still used mainly in Pakistan, India, Iran and many African countries. 


How is a henna tattoo done?


As we have already mentioned, most often a henna tattoo can be done at seaside stalls. However, there are people who do it professionally on a daily basis, such as Loskee, who we interviewed last year on INKnews.co. If the topic of henna tattoos interests you more, this is a must-read!

The time to make this type of body decoration depends on the size and complexity of the design. Currently fashionable are oriental designs, for example, on the hand, which can be time-consuming, but the effect itself rewards this. Some people also choose to get a henna tattoo at home. Unfortunately, this is not always a good solution. Choosing the henna itself can be problematic. Henna by nature should be brown, red or green in color. Thus, the black color of henna means that some substance has been added to it. This is usually paraphenylenediamine, which can cause a severe allergic reaction.

How long does a henna tattoo last?


How long a henna tattoo will last on our skin is an individual matter. First of all, a lot depends on how long it took us to wash the part of our body covered with henna the first, after the tattoo was applied. Mostly henna tattoos last from 5 days, to even a month. Of course, long baths or sunbathing will make the pattern last shorter. Severe abrasion of the epidermis through, for example, scrubs should also be avoided.


Not for years, but for SUMMER!


For many people, the plus side of henna tattoos is precisely their short duration. Sometimes it's a good test before getting a real tattoo permanently.If you belong to this very group, be sure to check out the INKsearch.co platform.Once you've decided to get a tattoo for years to come, INKsearch will be your treasure trove of inspiration and the place where you book a tattoo session without leaving home.

But going back to our original topic, henna tattoos are the perfect body adornment for all kinds of festivals; and this summer there's finally no shortage of them! It is the holiday season that is the most fruitful for this niche. Every year we also see more interest in this type of tattoos.

How about we sparked an interest in henna tattoos in you, too?