Friendship Day 2022 - Gift Idea for a Friend/Friend


Did you know that on June 30 we celebrate Friendship Day? It's a unique, but still little celebrated holiday that is an opportunity to thank a loved one for being there. Its establishment was prompted by the bland Dr. Ramón Artemio Bracho of Paraguay, who founded the Cruzada Mundial de la Amistad aniversario de fundación for friendship in 1958. Nevertheless, the origins of Friendship Day date back to the 1930s, when companies selling greeting cards in the United States began promoting Friendship Day. Unfortunately, at that point, people did not embrace the holiday. Finally, after many years of efforts by Ramón Artemio Bracho and his foundation, the UN recognized the day as an official holiday on the 200th anniversary of Paraguay's independence.


What does Friendship Day have to do with tattoos?


Any occasion to get a new tattoo is a good one, and Friendship Day is a great occasion! Are you looking for the perfect gift for your friend? Right here you will find the answer to this nagging question. Bet on a gift that will stay with him for life, that is... a tattoo. This is a unique gift that will please many. Today, more and more people are dreaming of new tattoos. Maybe this is your friend's biggest dream? 

INKsearch Tattoo Voucher


Don't know what kind of tattoo your friend is dreaming of? That's not a problem at all. Did you know that there is a voucher that can be used with one of over 2,000 tattoo artists? A voucher from gives you just such an option. On our site you can choose from four available values, order a voucher for a Friend's Day gift, and then give it to your loved one. Using the voucher is extremely easy. You will be able to book a tattoo in just a few clicks, and the realization of the gift can take place in any city - the choice is up to your friend. 


Matching Tattoo


How about opting for a matchnig tattoo for Friendship Day? These are such or connecting designs that you and a loved one tattoo. While some matching tattoos may seem cliché to you, we assure you that there are plenty of creative suggestions for this type of knitting. Maybe you both have a favorite quote from a movie or song? Or maybe you want to tattoo small images of your favorite childhood characters? These are just a few ideas that can inspire you for a unique Friendship Day gift. 

Get inspired with INKsearch


Want to find more ideas for Friendship Day tattoos? Nothing could be easier! will come to your aid. On the platform you will find profiles of more than 2,000 artists from Poland and around the world, which shows how much inspiration is waiting for you there. Search our search engine for the keyword matchning tattoo or any item and browse the displayed works to your heart's content. If an artist's style appeals to you 100%, you can directly sign up for a session with him through the platform. This is an extremely useful option, don't you think? 


Tattooprints - a gift idea for a friend


Is a tattoo too much of an expense? We have another suggestion for you. If your friend is a tattoo lover, get him a print created by a tattoo artist. At you will find unique works from Polish artists in various styles. This unconventional decoration will fit into many spaces. You can also bet on a t-shirt or socks for a true tattoolover. Check out our offer and give your friend an uncommon gift.