Dog Day 2022 - Get a Dog Tattoo


Did you know that on August 26 we celebrate Dog Day? Yes, that's right! Just today came this special, but still quite small holiday. All four-legged owners are probably well aware of this date, but if you yourself have forgotten Dog Day, we're sure your friend won't hold it against you, and you'll quickly rectify the mistake (especially if you bring some extra treat in apology).

Well..., but as you probably already know, you are currently on a portal about tattoos - not about dogs. So why are we talking about Dog Day? Because it's the perfect opportunity to take another look at tattoos of your beloved four-legged friends!

Are you ready for a dose of canine cuteness in the form of knitting?

Here we go!


Get a tattoo with a portrait of a dog!


A tattoo with a portrait of a child? This is a classic of classics, which you have probably heard about more than once. But have you encountered a "tattoo" version of a dog portrait? These types of tattoos are gaining more and more popularity in Poland and around the world. How does it work? The tattoo artist gets a photo of your pet and based on it creates a portrait in the style in which he works. Remember, if you want a realistic portrait, go to a tattoo artist who creates in just such a style. The situation is identical with any other style. You need to bear in mind that each tattoo artist will make a portrait of a dog quite differently. Check out the suggestions on and choose an artist who meets your requirements.

A dog's face or a whole image of a dog?


When choosing a dog motif in a tattoo, it is important to consider in what form it should be depicted. We already know that there are various styles to choose from. Once you've decided what character you want your pooch to appear in on your skin, it's time to decide whether you want to tattoo just the face, or perhaps the entire silhouette. Over the past few months, we have noticed that the former option is very popular. Many artists base it on the muzzle alone, but this absolutely does not make the tattoo seem incomplete - quite the contrary. 


Two in one? Why not!


Do you have more than one pet and on the occasion of Dog Day you want to tattoo, for example, two dogs at once? We have a super solution for you! You can combine two, dog images in one composition. This is also a proposal that has recently attracted more followers. Maybe this is the perfect solution for you? 

Microrealism - Dog Day version


We have written about microrealism more than once. This is an extremely strong trend in tattoo art, which is gaining more followers every year. The most frequently chosen motifs in micro-realistic tattoos are paintings, sculptures, but also and... animals (especially dogs). Here, too, tattoo lovers are more likely to opt for tattooing the very muzzle of the pooch in a delicate and subtle style. If you're looking for a tattoo artist who specializes in just these types of tattoos, we have good news for you - there are more and more of them. 


Not sure what to choose? Ask


Nowadays you can find plenty of talented tattoo artists in every city. So how do you make a good choice? Ask INKsearch! Take advantage of the free online consultation, enter all the details about your dream dog tattoo, and based on your answers, we will point you to artists who can meet your requirements.

Prefer to search on your own? No problem - now you can do it even faster and in a trivial way. Find inspiration or select a photo from your own gallery. Then click on the icon next to the search engine on INKsearch and add the selected graphic. Based on this, the system will search for similar works, and you can browse through portfolios of artists who tattoo what you are looking for.