Tattoos sticker


The art of tattooing is developing month by month. Every year there are new strong tattoo trends that often stay with us for a long time. We already wrote about this year's trends at the beginning of this year, however, we have recently noticed a lot of interest.... tattoos that look like stickers. What are they? Well, typing "sticker tattoo" into the search engine will mostly show temporary tattoos, but this time, it's not about them. So what is behind this mysterious term? It's time to dispel all doubts!


What are the characteristics of a sticker tattoo?


A sticker tattoo is nothing more than a design that looks like a sticker on the skin. Usually these are, for example, fairy tale characters, which are shown on a white background, resembling the said sticker. In this way, we keep the 3D effect on our skin. Mostly, these are smaller designs that are a few centimeters in size. The most common locations on the body for this trend are the arms or legs.

Why are sticker tattoos popular?

We already know that sticker-like tattooing is conquering trends in the tattoo world. So where did this trend come from? One answer is the popular videos on TikTok or Instagram, where the tattoo artist rips a paper design over the real tattoo, which appears from under the design. For many of us, this is a satisfying sight, which is why these types of videas reach thousands, if not millions, of views. This is what makes the sticker tattoo increasingly desirable. This also proves that short videos and the topic of tattoos go together perfectly, so if you tattoo, it's worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the topic of Social Media in the industry. 


Sticker tattoo - not for everyone?


It is normal that any trend, not only in tattooing, is met with different opinions. It is no different when it comes to the designs we describe. Such designs are distinctive and not to everyone's liking. Remember, however, that nowadays there are a huge number of options in choosing the perfect tattoo for yourself, so not everything has to appeal to you.  However, if you feel that a sticker tattoo may be for you, stay with us. 


How much does a sticker tattoo cost?


As with every trend we describe, we can't leave out the question of price. So if you are a regular visitor to INKsearch Blog, then you will not be surprised by our answer that the price of a tattoo depends on several factors. We're talking about the exact size, location, but also the experience of the artist you ultimately choose.  However, you'll have to ask the tattoo artist where you'll want to get the tattoo, about the exact price. Be sure to describe your idea in detail.

Get a tattoo!


Already know that a sticker tattoo is something for you? Then it's time to find an artist who meets your requirements. How to do it the fastest? Use the platform and select an artist by style and the city where you want to get tattooed. The system will search for those who meet your criteria, and you'll be able to view portfolios in detail and sign up for a tattoo directly from the platform. Having a hard time describing your idea? Use our AI browser and find an artist based on your inspiration from a photo! Click on the camera icon next to the search engine on, select your preview photo, and AI will select similar designs for you, made by artists from our site. It's easier than you think.