INKbusiness e-commerce sale

Save your time and money

We all know how fast prices are rising now. The expenses of running a studio are getting higher and higher, and you're wondering how to keep current prices. We understand that you don't want to give up good quality of inks or needles. We also know that you still value comfort. We want to make everyday life easier for tattoo artists and studio managers, so we launched e-commerce on our INKbusiness platform. The inspiration came form our users who want to have all the functionalities on one dedicated platform. Our goal is to simplify the tattooist's work by, among other things, gathering all the functionalities needed to work in one place.

INKbusiness e-commerce sale
INKbusiness e-commerce sale

Advantages of an online store

An online store is one of the most popular options that has many advantages. It allows you to shop from anywhere, at any time. Particularly beneficial for those, who do not have a physical store with such specialized equipment nearby. It saves your time, allowing you to focus on what is most important to you - your customers. Additionally, you can compare prices and products, being able to find the best deal. You also have more time to make a well-considered choice, you don't act impulsively. You can see the offer in detail and make a decision after a few days.

All functionalities in one place

We know how important it is for you, to save time and money. You want to buy everything you need at a good price and in one place, and the range should be wide, from basic materials to market innovations. Give us a moment, we are constantly increasing the assortment in our store, we want to do it right, that's why we ask about needs in surveys and interviews. At the moment, the store offers a wide range of products such as inks, cartridges and hygiene products.

INKbusiness e-commerce sale
INKbusiness e-commerce sale
INKbusiness e-commerce sale

Products you will find in the store

The number of products in the store is constantly expanding. We cooperate with brands that offer the best quality at a good price.

  • World Famous Ink (tattoo Ink) This brand's inks are well known to artists all over the world! A wide range of colors and great consistency makes a healed tattoo always look great. Each product offered complies with the European REACH directive.

  • Kuro Sumi (tattoo Ink) - A brand from Japan that is very popular in the world. The inks have high quality ingredients, intense colors and, what is equally important, compliance with the REACH directive.

  • Cartridge ElCartel - if you value convenience and safety, check out the this needles, which have many advantages. Make your work easier and reduce the risk of making a mistake. You will quickly and accurately install them in a griffin or pen.

  • BetterINK - towels made for the tattoo industry. Do not leave any traces on the skin, because they are dust-free. The towels are packed in boxes with single sheets and, as the manufacturer assures, one sheet of a towel can replace ten sheets of a traditional kitchen towel.

Now you pay 10% less in the online store

Especially for you, we have prepared a discount for shopping in our online store. For those registered on the INKbusiness platform, we have a special code that entitles you to a 10% discount.

  • World Famous INK(inks) - from 46 PLN.

  • Kuro Sumi(inks) - from 39.6 PLN

  • ElCartel(cartridges) - from 39 PLN

  • BetterINK(towels) - from 16 PLN

All you have to do when ordering is enter:



INKbusiness e-commerce sale
We hope you will enjoy shopping at INKbusiness and find what you need. We are always looking for new products and brands, so if there is something you think would be perfect for our store, let us know!