Inez Janiak

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Current place:
Inne Tatuaże
Łódź, Poland

About me

Tattooist, marathon girl 💙
Owner: @inne_tattoo

Inez, when exactly did your adventure with tattoos begin?

I bought my first set of machines in 2011 and it started more as a rebellion against the world. All my friends started studying, they had big dreams, but they slowly lost themselves. After months, years of studying, they suddenly realized that life is not so colourful. The studies they chose will not give them a great job, nor time for passion and making their dreams come true. I absolutely did not want to live like that, I wanted to just do something that will also be my passion. That’s why I took the papers from one of the universities in Lodz, I bought equipment and started to try to tattoo, first on artificial skins, then on courageous friends, and after half a year I got a job in my first studio. I was the only tattoo artist there, so I did not develop, I had no one to learn from. The turning point in my career was 2014, when Majk Nołfak wrote to me (I could not thank you enough). From Dawn to Dusk, there was a place for one tattoo artist and I should try my hand. I still work here to this day.

What about your tattoo style, how should it be specified? You use a “sketchy technique”, could you tell us something more about what you create every day?

I prefer the term “sketch-style”. Every day I come to work, I talk with a client, I will scribble something on a piece of paper, then I put it on the skin, in the meantime, it hurts a little and is fun. But seriously. I am very consistent in what I do, I want the work on the skin to imitate the pencil sketch as faithfully as possible. I love bold themes and abstractions, but the clients most willingly do anthropomorphic motifs and animals, I do not complain. I like animals. However, because of my work I hated wolves, I try not to show it, but when I hear the word “wolf” on references, I quickly run away!

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