Łukasz Sokołowski 

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Katowice, Poland

About me

Q: What made you to become a tattoo artist? Since when the fascination for tattoo art first began?
A: My fascination started when I was maybe 11-12 first time I saw a tattoos of Max Cavalera from Sepultura, then with my friends tried to copy some metal bands lp covers on skin using markers and pencils. In 90's I have a short story with some crap home-made tattoo machines and also crap tribal tattoo designs but, I cut this very quick and forget about tattooing for at least ten years, meanwhile I've finished art high school and studding fine arts and graphic design, later I was working as a graphic designer and some day my girlfriend persuaded me to try once again with a tattoo. I've tried, it wasn't so bad. The rest is history :)

Q: Would you say that this style is like your personal sing?
A: I'm deeply carful on describing myself like a person (tattooist) who haven't got his own style yet. I think it's still growing, evolving. I don't want to find someday myself as a prisoner of my own style. Using a lot of tattoo forms of expressions gives me more space to not be trapped in a corner or artistic meaning.

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