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Warsaw, Poland

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Paweł Indulski AKA Dotyk to studio PRISM na warszawskim Mokotowie. Kombinacja Dotworku z mocnym geometrycznym kształtem sprawia, że prace Pawła są bardzo subtelne. Minimalizm, przedstawiony w gradiencie szarości.

Tatuaże Dotyka są delikatne ale o mocnych geometrycznych kształtach. Ich urok zawdzięczamy technice dotworku i lineworku. Ale magia sztuki tatuażu Dotyka polega na wykorzystaniu negatywnej przestrzeni. Z ciemności wyłaniają się portrety i sylwetki inspirowane sztuką i naturą. Poetyckie, żywe i bardzo kreatywne tatuaże Dotyka są obecnie bardzo popularne wśród miłośników dziar.

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When did your adventure begin when you first had your razor in your hand?

When I think about it, it seems to me that three years have passed since I made my first tattoo. I remember to this day how much it cost me on my nerves and effort, but also how much gave wild joy. I was lucky, however, that I could learn tattoo art under the guidance of experienced artists in a professional studio. However, he had to devote a lot of time to get permission for the machine and put his first lines on the skin. It was about gaining knowledge, thanks to which I felt this more prepared. Starting from the very basics, how to prepare a position or folding machines. I spent time on tattoos at work and I recall how they use the equipment, which helped me a lot.

I love how black ink contrasts with the color of the skin and how it reflects strong light. Although I admit that I do not have a specific opinion on this subject. I think it's just a matter of taste. Monochrome tattoos remind me of a kind of sophistication and elegance. I think they talk a lot about the nature of the person who is determined for it or its aesthetics. It is probably about the way the client wants to represent himself or how he wants to be perceived. But this is my subjective approach.

You are mainly associated with loosely interpreted, quoted works of art. They make you the most fun or maybe the list of your favorite themes are different?

I think I like my hands the most. Usually in a relaxed, relaxed position or entangling the selected object. It just so happens that I pay the most attention to them by reviewing the output of many artists and in this way, I evaluate the art of their work. Their performance is a challenge, whose conscience tells me to take on every possible occasion. Apart from my obsession, I like floral motifs, everyday objects, glass, shapes, and shadows of the characters. Basically, everything that will allow me to create an interesting composition. Yes, as meaning is important for the customer, for me the most important is the simple form of the pattern. In my case, less is more.

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