Tomek Kolucki

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Rybnik, Poland

About me

I’m Tomek and I’m from Poland, I work in INK-OGNITO. Our studio is located in Rybnik, a Silesian city near Katowice. My journey began in 2015 when I met Tofi and got around his studio. My friend, Karol Rybakowski, had been tattooing for quite a while before that and introduced me to Tofi, who had already been a very established artist and owned the studio, stating that if I show him my portfolio and he likes it, he might like to take me under his wings and teach me some stuff. That’s how it actually began and soon I started out as an apprentice at his studio. The idea of becoming a tattoo artist itself came earlier, though I was convinced that such specific work group might be more hermetic. When I got around Tofi’s approach to hiring people I didn’t think too long. For him it was important to have potential to work out some style of one’s own. Any lack of experience or connections didn’t really matter. It was a perfect situation for me as I was just about to defend my degree in illustration.

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