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Dotwork tattoos create an amazing visual effect thanks to the precise and time-consuming technique of placing from a dozen to several hundred dots closely next to each other. In most cases, dotwork tattoos are created using black, gray or even red ink, and the most popular dotwork tattoo motifs include mandala. What's great about this technique is the fact that tattoos are elevated to a whole different dimension. Thus, the realistic depiction of portraits of animals, butterflies, arrows, or religious or spiritual aspects combined with the dotwork technique gives an amazing aesthetic impression. Dotwork tattoos can be done in two ways, the first is the most common one, i.e. with a razor. The second, more difficult, consists in manually "sticking" the ink into the skin, which allows the tattoo artist to be much more precise. In Poland, you will find many artists specializing in the dotwork technique, but we recommend that you browse the portfolio of tattoo artists in Warsaw.