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Handpoke is a manual method of tattooing. Basically, a handpoke tattoo uses a sharp needle to deposit the pigment on the skin, which is why this method is also called stick'n'poke. The tattoo artist uses an ink-coated needle to repeatedly puncture the skin, depositing a dye. Handpoke tattoos are believed to have been used to represent symbols of health, birth, death, and religious rituals. Handpoke tattoos are very distinctive, and what distinguishes them is their naturalness. Handpoke can be done on virtually any part of the body, and the quality of work, ink and placement will affect the final appearance and durability of the tattoo. As a general rule, handpoke tattoos look great with dots, lines and simple patterns, while shading and realistic elements are better left to machine tattoos. The Handpoke tattoo is simple, distinctive, popular (popularized by celebrities) and has many meanings.