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Linework, literally "working with lines". Another, relatively new style in the industry, which in a way combines with other techniques used in the art of tattooing. The artist can operate with both a thick contour and a delicate, thin line, i.e. fineline. Linework compositions take various shapes: from simple geometric patterns to rich, sophisticated ornaments. Moreover, lines blend perfectly with dots, which is why tattoos made with this technique often contain simple dot-bag elements. Linework, as the name suggests, is a style that uses neither shading nor filling. The lines force the form to be simplified, so this technique is perfect for symbolic presentation of a given motif, and not for its realistic representation. Tattoo artists most often use black ink, although colored linework is not that rare. Projects are created using both traditional methods, i.e. handpokiem and with the help of a tattoo machine.