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Minimalism is characterized by simplicity. The compositions are not extensive, although it does not limit the size of this type of tattoos - they can be both micro-tattoos and large projects, even covering the entire body. In addition, it's worth knowing that minimalism is a style that combines several different tattooing techniques. The first one is the fineline, i.e. delicate, thin contours at which the tattoo artist uses the thinnest needles. Another very popular technique used to create minimalist tattoos is linework. It requires precision from the tattoo artist and above all - a steady hand! Of course, the lines don't have to be straight; they can take on fancy shapes. In turn, the more symmetry in a pattern, the closer it is to geometry. This is another style that blends naturally with the minimalist tattoo trend. Although geometry can be associated with complex compositions, ornamentation or even a strong, yet symmetrically placed blackwork ... it also appears in a minimalist edition!