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Neotraditional tattoos are a modern take on the original, old school style. The neo-traditional theme remains true to its predecessor in many ways, with bold black lines and a classic color palette. However, neotraditional tattoo designs often also feature three-dimensional images, white ink, and sometimes a departure from traditional themes. This is because of the great influence of Art Nouveau and Art Deco aesthetics. The main difference between traditional and neotraditional tattoos is that neotraditional tattoos have a much wider range of colors and a range of motifs. Elements made in the neo-traditional style are known for their lush, decorative details, as well as the use of floral and animal images. Due to the available tools, techniques, and tastes, neotraditional tattoos are still evolving. Examples of this are neon tattoos, 3D inking and the use of white ink. Originally neo-traditional tattoos, they were part of American culture, however, due to their popularity, they become much more individual.