Rose symbolism


Rose is one of the most popular tattoos by people in our culture. Both sexes tattoo her and the artists compete over how this flower can be depicted on the client's body. While a lot of the graphics revolve around some mainstream patterns, there are also some really fancy and avant-garde tattoos with a rose symbolizing ... well, what?

Rose symbolism


The first association that comes to mind, of course, is beauty and love. It cannot be denied that this flower, especially the red one, is primarily associated with something we give to a loved one to emphasize our feeling. However, it is worth knowing that the symbolism of the rose is rich and not limited to just the values mentioned above.

Rose symbolism


In Greek mythology, which is ultimately the foundation of our culture, the rose was associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty, flowers (well ...) and fertility. Why a rose There are different versions of the story, but it was roughly rumored that Aphrodite had a shoot with Persephone because they were both on their way to Adonis. The effect of this rotation was that Adonis was killed by Ares with a boar and his blood grew into a rose, which now symbolizes undying love. Beka, no? We don't know what the ancient Greeks took, but don't take it until you go to a tattoo parlor.

Love. Couples Tattoo Complementary Rose Tattoos. This is how parents put their children's names into their bodies. The possibilities are endless and deep love is definitely the most popular symbolism of a rose tattoo.

In the tarot, this flower is a symbol of balance. In Christianity, on the other hand, it is associated with Mary and her love for Christ. Since roses have been with us for a relatively long time, because gardeners have been cultivating them for at least five thousand years, practically every culture and era has managed to give them a meaning. Colors seem to be the most important these days.


It symbolizes enthusiasm, excitement and a new beginning.


Roses of this color do not occur in nature and therefore perhaps symbolize dreams, fantasies that may or may not come true.


Usually it represents death and grief. It can also be a symbol of strength and rebellion


Joy, sacrifice, but also jealousy


It stands for femininity, elegance and maternal love.


A symbol of innocence and mysticism. Alternatively, it can symbolize the presence of a secret admirer. Even if your chick has earned such a dime, it may be time to change the status of the relationship on Facebook.


Love, like we mentioned, mainstream option, but it looks great.


While the motifs are endless and, despite the cultural references, each can give their own meaning to the toddler, below are some of the most popular options.

Rose and dove

Most likely, the tattoos are meant to honor the memory of a deceased person.

Rose and dagger

It symbolizes the eternal struggle between good and evil in the human soul.

Rose and anchor

A typical sailor tattoo represents devotion to a loved one. Often it includes the name of the said.

Rose and skull

It is a symbol of overcoming an obstacle and the beginning of a new chapter in life.

Rose and butterfly

A new beginning, but in the context of a love life. End of an old relationship? The beginning of a new one? Changing attitudes about life? That is the subject.