Abstract Tattoo Style

Tattoo artists often draw ideas for their work from different areas of art. A striking example of this can be called tattoos in the style of abstractionism.

Similar elements of the body pattern were used in Scythian and Indian tribes. With their help, people transmitted symbols that revealed the features of their life, faith and other aspects of the existence of the community. In those days, abstract tattoos were made in black and white colors, because color paints did not exist. But today their performance pleases variability.

Modern abstraction does not have much sense and ideas. These are just beautiful drawings that do not lose their appeal and relevance, regardless of the life stage at which a person is. Therefore, this style is suitable for people who often change their Outlook, because any other picture with philosophical motives or specific symbols can quickly lose its semantic value for its owner.

The design of abstract tattoos is not limited to strict frames, so they are universal. Usually, the fair sex prefers pastel shades and smooth lines, emphasizing tenderness and femininity. And men are perfect for sharper outlines and deep dark colors, symbolizing strength and courage.

Another feature of the abstraction in the tattoo is the ability to continue the drawing in the future. For example, a small tattoo on the arm is easily complemented by many other details and forms a whole sleeve of the tattoo with a smooth transition to the back and/or chest.

In abstract tattoos, there is no specific symbolism and characteristic images. It's just a good combination of bizarre shapes, bright spots, smooth lines and patterns of different shapes. Often such drawings do not have clear contours. They can be monochrome or colored.

The main secret of a successful abstract tattoo is a clear understanding of the direction itself because it allows you to put feelings, associations, and fantasies into the drawing, without giving it a specific value.

This style direction serves as a means of self-expression among the extraordinary and creative people. Drawings with sharp lines and angular shapes perfectly Express ambition and courage. Smooth shapes and pastel colors will help to emphasize the softness and tenderness of nature. In any case, the master will perform a tattoo in accordance with the wishes and imagination of the customer, as in this style there are practically no restrictions. This also applies to the location of the picture, although men usually make an abstraction on the shoulder or other parts of the hand, and the girls – on the thigh, ankle, side or waist.

Abstractionism in the art of tattoo is often combined with the style of "watercolor". The black color is used to draw shapes to create a General composition, and some elements are painted with bright colors, although quite popular are monochrome tattoos.

Ambstract Tattoo made by Szymon Gdowicz From Cracow, Polanda

Katusza Kwiatkowska
Wrocław, Poland
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Karl Hung
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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Wrocław, Poland
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Adrián Szabó
Budapest, Hungary
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