Linework Tattoo Style

Is it possible to sketch a tattoo from solid lines? Yeah, if it's a linework. The word can be translated from English as" working with a line","linear technique". The original style of performance of the body drawing originated less than ten years ago. Popularity he reached by leaps and bounds. Today, these many-faced avant-garde images can be printed in tattoo parlors almost all over the world.

Tattoo in the style of linework created from a set of lines. They can be parallel straight lines or intertwined with each other. This technology allows you to draw a variety of images - from minimalist and simple tattoos to the most complex composition and quite realistic. This technique makes it possible to create exclusive works of authorship. All without exception, tattoos made in this style, look creative and lively.

Novelty-the main advantage of the linework. Regarding older styles, he is not yet too common. In addition, this direction of tattooing is still being formed, so that the authors of sketches can safely make something of their own. And if there is a desire to use their own unique artistic method, and here they have complete freedom of action.

Another advantage of the style is the presence of abstraction. Due to her tattoo in the style of linework always looks interesting, fresh, unusual and fashionable.

These tattoos have their own characteristics. The first-it is indispensable clarity of lines in particular and the image as a whole, the second — geometricity. Each tattoo is a strict harmony of shapes and sizes. Also it is characterized by a black or red color. The style is still developing, but there is already a noticeable tendency to use these colors. In General, tattoos of this direction can be applied to the body in different colors.

In the spirit linworth close to the avant-garde. In addition, many drawings are performed within the framework of key aspects of minimalism. As for the other tattoo styles, the similarity with one or another direction will depend on the specific sketch. There are drawings that are close to realism, while others may resemble Polynesian ornaments.

The stories linework tattoo diverse. It can be an abstract body decoration — for example, three lines-ribbons running along the hand and beautifully intertwined. Or twisted figure, resembling a network or a spring. Often in the style of linework draw animals and birds. Bears, wolves, owls, eagles, cats, dogs, bulls, deer — the choice of an animated character is not limited. It is possible to put a tattoo on the body with the image of a person. Many people prefer to make "linear" portrait drawings, for example, celebrities or historical figures. The world of vegetation also becomes the subject of tattoos: all kinds of flowers and trees are common.

Tattoo style linework fit stylish and delicate nature.

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