Oriental Tattoo Style

History of Oriental tattoos
Unlike the Chinese, the Japanese currently do quite a lot of tattoos, but this was not always the case. In fact, for a short period of time at the end of world war II, getting or giving tattoos in Japan was actually an illegal procedure. The end of the war marked the beginning of freedom in the tattoo.

The alphabetic characters that appear in many Japanese tattoos are called Kanji. These symbols, by themselves or in combination with others, can show the whole spectrum of human emotions, thoughts, parables and poems.

In addition to calligraphy-like Kanji characters, there are many different animals, spiritual and nature-oriented images and symbols that make up the body in the form of Japanese tattoos.

More traditional Japanese tattoo styles depict dragons, koi, and other symbols of Japanese culture and lifestyle. These types of Japanese tattoos are becoming increasingly popular with women who have problems with this, sometimes intricate tattoos are placed on the hips, back, ankles or hands.

Thanks to its mystery and identity Eastern culture has long conquered the whole world. Oriental tattoo style has a large army of fans due to the extensive storyline and rich history. Oriental tattoos are a common name for body images related to Asian countries from Japan and China to India. A distinctive feature of Oriental style is the large size of the picture and the play of colors. Often Oriental motifs cover the whole body, leaving empty only those areas that are in sight. Bright and colorful motifs with unexpected color transitions are a characteristic feature of these tattoos, but despite the unexpected color solutions tattoo looks harmonious. The main motives of Oriental tattoos are:

Flora and Fauna;

Marine motifs;

National representatives: geisha, samurai, monks, sumo wrestlers;


Buddhist symbols;

Stories and episodes with the travels of fictional characters.

Taking into account the size and complexity of the Oriental Tattoo, it is necessary to prepare for the stage-by-stage drawing of a sketch in several sessions.

The value of Eastern tattoos

Spectacular and bright Eastern tattoo always carries a certain philosophy for its owner and often even changes his fate. Therefore, you should carefully read the meaning of each symbol that you decide to apply to the skin. We will tell you about the most popular heroes of Oriental tattoo style.

- Dragon. In the East, the Dragon is a creature that embodies wisdom, strength, and respect. Appearance combines several images of a snake's body, demonic gala, and eagle claws. If in the clutches of the dragon depicts a glowing sphere, it is a symbol of control over the natural elements. Rare to find a sly and dangerous dragon, it is most often portrayed friendly and wise.

- Karp Koi tattoo. This symbol means moving forward towards your goal. Prefer to draw a Koi Carp men, who thus emphasize their warlike temper, courage, persistence, and virility. Colors for tattoos are usually chosen bright Golden like scales, with blue symbolizing water.

- Tattoo with a tiger in the Eastern style is a symbol of strength and longevity. Girls, on the body where the tiger lives, I wish to emphasize his cunning and femininity. Often stuffed tiger who is desperately fighting with evil spirits, which means the protection of the tattoo owner from evil spirits.

- Serpens. In the East, the snake is a revered animal. It brings good luck and prosperity to the owner, protects his house from diseases and disasters. But depending on how it is imprinted on the body of the snake, it can have a second meaning - a symbol of a jealous woman.

The Phoenix Bird. A symbol of rebirth, the immortality of the soul. Those who want to capture a new stage in life often stuff it Phoenix on the background of fire.

- Flora. Chrysanthemums, peonies, Sakura, lotuses, and many other traditional Oriental flowers are reflected in the tattoo culture. Sakura, for example, shows the transience of life, and Lotus – perfection, spiritual growth and loyalty.

It is difficult at one time to list all the variety of sketches and subjects of Oriental style in a tattoo.

Oriental Style - japanese, chinese and more

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