Photo showing tattoo in the style of surrealism

Tattoo surrealism – a style in the art of tattooing, which attracts attention with its contradictory and paradoxical. Images of this style are not only drawings with original and unexpected content, but we can also say that it is a kind of anthem about self-expression, freedom, emotions and a radical rethinking of the values that are imposed on society.

Tattoos in the style of surrealism have their own distinctive characteristics. The main ones are:

The presence of the direct opposite of primitivism. For example: the Panther is a usual tattoo, and the Panther from roses growing from its claws, on a neck with the painting suspension in the form of a silhouette of the person is a tattoo in style of surrealism. The difficulty in the performance of the figure. Often these tattoos are quite difficult to perform. The images have no similarity with the usual stylized drawings that may be performed by a beginner. Accordingly, the tattoo in this style can be performed by masters who have sufficient skill, experience and talent. Important details. The composition of the image creates the presence and interconnectedness of details. Therefore, the tattoo artist decided to move away from the theme of the sketch and there is something not to do in full, the whole idea of the picture can be spoiled.

Who it will suit
Tattoo in the style of linework is suitable for those who keep up with the times and wants to Express their individuality. Male subjects-totem image of a lion in ethnic style, bear, wolf, eagle with elements of realism, a portrait of an outstanding personality. The choice here is unlimited, and any composition can be unique and unusual. The girl can also choose a linework for her tattoo, preferring drawings of plants, flowers and trees with a predominance of saturated color elements (see photo in the gallery). They will emphasize the femininity and tenderness of its owner.

surrealism tattoo of octopus

Igor Mitrenga
Prague, Czechia
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Jordan Oterski
Manchester, United Kingdom
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Dima Kucherenko Tattoo
Kraków, Poland
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Genève, Switzerland
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