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Frequently asked questions and answers

Creating an account and using the services of the InkSearch.co website are available only to persons over 18 years of age [§3, point 8 of the website regulations].

No. Creating a customer account on the platform is (and will remain) completely free.

Your e-mail address and telephone number allow the operator to identify you. The personal and banking data provided by you is protected by the operator in accordance with the terms of use of the website.

Through a detailed form. You will get access to it after selecting the "send inquiry" option, which is visible in the artist's profile. If the tattoo artist in question does not agree to book customers via InkSearch.co, this option will not be visible.

Tattoo artists who use the functionality of the InkSearch.co platform independently define the approximate amounts of their services; both the session prices and the amount of the down payments. For a precise quote, describe your idea in detail in the form.

The down payment confirms the date of the tattoo session. The client, who concludes an agreement with the artist regarding the tattoo service via the functionality of the InkSearch.co website, undertakes to pay for it via the platform.

We only accept electronic payments. We do not support cryptocurrency, cash or check payments.

Of course. You can consult your idea with several tattoo artists using the functionality of the InkSearch.co platform.

Probably the artist you have chosen does not perform the works in the style you expect and / or your idea is contrary to professional ethics or website regulations [see -> CAN AN ARTIST REFUSE ME TO MAKE A TATTOO].

Yes. Each client, after the end of the service, can express an anonymous opinion on its quality. [see -> §12 of the regulations of using the InkSearch.co website]

Details regarding the cancellation of a session or a complaint about the tattoo service are specified in the regulations of the InkSearch.co website [§7 and §13].