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Biomechanics or a biomechanical tattoo shows mechanical elements on selected parts of the body. The patterns refer to futuristic or science-fiction themes, illustrating what a human could look like when completely fused with a machine. That is why in such projects, rods, racks, cables or pipes are combined with fragments of human bones or muscles. Biomechanical tattoo is very much based on the anatomy of the human body. In this style, the perfect fit of the design to the user's posture is a priority if the tattoos are to look good. Besides, a tattoo artist who performs biomechanics should have experience in creating realistic designs, as it is a related technique. When deciding on a biomechanical tattoo, it is worth considering how much of the body will be covered by the design, because this style looks best on large surfaces, making it perfect for the whole body (the so-called full bodysuit).