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Geometric tattoo

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A geometric tattoo is an attempt to present a given topic: things, plants, animals, people, using figures and symmetrical lines. Since antiquity, people have tried to describe the reality around them using mathematical formulas. They saw in this field of science elements related to spirituality and religion, which gave rise to sacred geometry. It is based on fractals, ie "infinitely complex" objects which, when translated into tattoo patterns, allow you to achieve a depth effect on the skin. The geometric style also draws from op-art, i.e. visualism, affecting the viewer's eye. Thus, the geometry itself is based on symbolism, and the tattoo artist's goal is to create a pattern that harmonizes with the anatomy of the client's body. Color is rarely used in this type of tattoos, which is why artists very often weave other styles into their geometric tattoo designs. This technique perfectly harmonizes with realism or watercolors, allowing the presentation of almost any motif in an unusual, eye-catching way.