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New School

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Newschool was born in the early 1970's in the United States and came to Europe 10 years later with Marcus Pacheco and the SHARP (anti-racist skinhead) subculture. Although today it is compared with the neotraditional, it is closer to the old school because it uses similar technical solutions. New school tattoos, just like traditional tattoos, are characterized by a thick outline, but the color palette in the "new school" is much more extensive, and the colors are vivid and saturated. The multitude of motifs that can be presented in this convention makes the newschool visibly soaked with pop culture influences. Street art, graffiti, cartoons and animations or themes known from arcade games are just some of them. It is worth remembering that artists specializing in new school play with convention and perspective, because their goal is not to reproduce a given topic realistically. They strive for its exaggeration and almost cartoonish distortion.