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Levgen Knysh

United States, New York City

2nd part Like an #artist who takes different and only the best colors and place them on a palette, organizers did the same. They decided to open the doors for #everyone who won #1st places during last years in Kiev. They wanted to show every visitor and everyone from tattoo industry who is #thebest in Ukraine. If you have 1st place award from “Tattoo Collection” in your collection Welcome! And last year they gave me this chance. Just to collect all winners in nice location looked boring, so organizers did #challenge between artists. They kept classic tattoo contest as “Best of the day” but also they added a new one. Cans with small hole on the top were placed next to the #artist with name on it. Every visitor who bought a #ticket also got one counter and could vote for the best artist. Also if you had few favorite artist, you could buy few more counters and give your #voice to few different ones. You can buy as much as you want. Winner of spectator vote gets award and TV screen 39’ as a main present. But we will talk about that later. 1st day. My friend from Kharkiv and I came there. As young artist from other city I knew no one in our tattoo culture, and more/less every #tattooartist was pretty older than me. I felt very uncomfortable and was pretty #shy person. Come to acquainted tattoo artist who knew everyone and say “Hi” sounded unreal at that time. Hm! Now the same. But ok, I couldn’t stop and came there to #show what I can do. We finished with work place. Put the stencil on my friend’s chest and began to work. We #decided to do a large design, black’n’grey skull with a lot of ornaments in #Baroque style which directed to left and right shoulder. More/less the whole girl’s chest was feel with A4 size of picture and #million details. Just wanna remind you that it was 2013 and we use only coils tattoo guns in @menshealthmag @gq @esquire #tattootuesday