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Levgen Knysh

United States, New York City

Hi my friends :) How are you doing? Last #weekend we had such a great tattoo #convention where I live, in Wroclaw. I came as a visitor, didn’t work there but was very #happy to meet a lot of young #tattoo artists whose skill is very high and also to see my tattoo artists friends. This year, the organizers changed location and a lot of people said that work is very comfortable there. Very light and spacious place. But let’s go back to my trips as young tattoo artist, to February 2013. That year we had next very important tattoo event in my and Ukrainian tattoo life as well. Organizers of main tattoo #show in Ukraine, “Tattoo Collection” created totally #new idea. New way and motivation for young artist to develop their skill and never stop. Maybe someone will say that there is nothing special, but based on my experience in 2013 and that time as well, I’ve never heard something like that. 2 weeks ago, in the story about my #first #experience at “Tattoo Collection 2012” I didn’t tell you that we were very happy in the end of the event because we won 2 awards in 2 different contests, 1st place in “the best Cover Up” and 3rd in “Small tattoo”. To get prizes in the main tattoo event in my country and in my first #expirience meant a lot for me. It pushed me ahead and showed that I’m moving in the right direction. Also those #awards gave me a chance to take a part in the next show. Half year later organizers decided that they need something new, to create something #special and show winners from last years of tattoo convention in special way. You can be the #best from all who take a part in the contest of this or last year, but they #wanted to show who is the best of the best. The general idea was to pit us against each other. They announced new tattoo convention and called it as “Palitra” (palette eng.)… Like an artist who takes different and only the best #colors and place them in a palette, organizers did the same… @menshealthmag @gq @esquire #tattootuesday