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Oldschool is one of the easiest tattoo styles to recognize. Oldschool tattoos, otherwise known as traditional tattoos, look good on any skin tone due to their saturation. They are characterized by bold, strong contours enriched with colors. Among the most dominant are reds, blues and yellows. This style requires experience and precision and fits within the generally accepted framework. The tradition of oldschool tattoos comes from America from the first registered tattoo artist Maud Wagner. There are several common themes in oldschool tattoo art, each with its own symbolism. The most popular are the silhouettes of women, items such as anchors, animals, including a panther or a shark, or floral motifs, i.e. the well-known rose. One of the most recognizable traditional style tattoo artists is Sailor Jerry, who has permanently introduced so-called flashes - sheets containing a collection of tattoo designs to choose from.