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Lettering presents the writing in an artistic way. The name itself suggests that this is a style in which the inscription is the main and only element of the composition. Lettering, in relation to graphics and typography, involves drawing letters by hand. Tattoo artists specializing in lettering draw inspiration from many sources: it can be street art, and thus graffiti, or broadly understood hip-hop culture. On the other hand, as lettering is not a uniform style, artists also rely on the well-known art of careful writing, i.e. calligraphy. Rich typography allows you to write one word in many ways, thanks to which even the most popular slogans acquire a new, individual character. Inscriptions can only be created with black ink, similar to traditional writing or using a wide range of colors; such works are closer to the aforementioned graffiti. When choosing a lettering specialist, it is worth paying attention to the portfolio to find out about the nature of his work and the source of inspiration.