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Nicola Fucili

Italy, Pesaro

As always at we wanted to try harder. It costed us and a lot of other people, months of planning, setting up, photo-shooting, post production and designing, but now it’s ready. We can finally, proudly present you TORSO, a mixed media project, about the relationship between body and mind and how the two can work together to create beauty and horror. A big thanks to all who took part, @maldenti_ and @xandthedeath first, and all the models and friends who helped through the whole project. We wouldn’t have made it without you. Here you can see the first of my three designs, “Obsessions, I, II, III” available for tattooing and printing. More will come in the next days, what do you think about this? ———————————————— #berlin #berlintattoo #berlintattooists #tattooberlin #darktattoo #daskabinett #blackworkers #darkartists #onlythedarkest #nicolafucilitattoo #inksearch #blackworkerssubmissions #darkartists #blackworkitaly #darkartistssubmission